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iGRIND 4 TOMORROW is my mentoring program that was created to support our youth. iGrind is my clothing line that was started 5 years ago and it simply means that whatever goal you set out for in life. You have to work hard and grind to meet that goal. So I incorporated it with my mentoring group. Because the goal for the program is to shed light on all the negative things in the world right now and some of the negative issues we face in our communities. Also to work extremely hard to reiterate to the group that there is nothing wrong with making good choices and how bad choices can ruin their life at an early age . We also will discuss daily topics and issues that the youth deal with on a daily basis. The number one overall goal is to give our youth tools to win in life and prepare them for different struggles that they may deal with . Also we want to build them up to where they are strong leaders in our communities .